Our mission is to build stronger relationships with our customers and maintain an environmentally and socially responsible environment for our human resource as well as our customers.


To be the best cost effective and innovative printing press to meet all sorts of printing needs.

Our business policy

  • To develop longstanding relationships with our clients for our mutual benefit. Many of our clients have been loyal for more than 5 years. We believe that our philosophy of being honest when committing to delivery deadlines, and taking a commercial approach when charging for extra time spent on rectifying files.


  • Similarly, we spend time nurturing relationships with our merchants and outwork suppliers. They collectively appreciate our loyal support, which results in us enjoying better than competitive pricing and enhanced service levels, because of our prompt payment policy, which allows us to commit to and meet tight deadlines as a consequence of their support.


  • We value the support we receive from our staff across the board and regularly support them financially and emotionally in meeting the demands that society places on them.
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